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What is PIXIE?

  • Pixie is a drawing and painting program that allows children to communicate their ideas through their imagination and creativity. They also get to practice and enhance much needed educational concepts. There is a vast amount of educational templates that are ready for you to have your students use within the program. Pixie also allows you to create your own activities for students to complete.


Applications for teachers: 

  • Teachers can put together a presentation for the students or go step by step with the class to use the program.
  • Can help to teach English Language Learners.
  • Helps teachers get students to a learning goal.
  • There are tons of ways for teachers to manipulate Pixie. Here is just a few:
    1. Create an ABC book. Give each student a different letter to stamp out with stickers or draw with the tools.
    2. Other Writing Prompts: Seasons, My Favorite Animal, My Family etc.

    3. Graphic Organizers: Venn Diagrams, Story Maps, KWL, etc.

    4. Draw and label angles

    5. Symmetry with the mirror tool.

    6. Expanding shapes

    7. Food pyramids

    8. Illustrate life cycle of an insect

    9. Labeling different parts of an object


Applications for students:

  • Supports diverse learning

  • Share and communicate ideas with others

  • Teach students to clarify their thinking and to process, organize, and prioritize new information



PIXIE tools:

  • Music- When a student is making a slide show they can add music for the back round.

  • Paint- (icon looks like a paintbrush)The students can create whatever they want using colors on a slide. There is also a paint bucket (icon looks like a paint brush in a bucket)for large places. There is a pencil (iron looks like a pencil) for drawing thinner lines. There is also a spray can (icon looks like a spray can)that sprays color on the slide.

  • Shapes- (icon looks like three shapes) When pushed the right side of the screen shows tons of different shapes in which a student can draw on their page.

  • Slide Shows- When there are multiple pages you can create a slide show in which all the pages are shown.

  • Stamps- (icon looks like a stamp pad) When this is pushed a bunch of different items pop up on the right hand side the screen. You can narrow your search down if you type in what your looking.

  • Text Boxes- (icon looks like capital T) When pushed it'll bring up a box on the screen a you can write whatever you want and put in anywhere on the slide.

  • Voice Recorder- (icon looks like a green circle sound written over it) This gives the student the ability to record their voice for the slide.


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