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Brain Pop Jr

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Courtney Chasin


Dorothy Roberts


What is BrainPOP Jr.?


-BrainPOP Jr. was created specifically for Kindergarten through 3rd grade.


-Is a curriculum-based program


-Offers many online activities and resources


BrainPOP Jr. content includes:










-Social Studies


-Art and Technology


BrainPOP Jr. Resources:


-Short animated movies


-Leveled quizzes




-Recommended grade-appropriate reading and writing


-Discussion Prompts


Applications for Teachers:


-Can select specific state and will show you the standards for your state

     -Select grade and subject

-Print out practice guides and use with your students


-Has lesson ideas that you could incorporate into your classroom


-Show students videos given on BrainPOP Jr. that might go along with your lesson


-Bulletin Boards


-Curriculum Calendar


-Graphic Organizers


-Training Webinar:  Getting started, workshops, spread the word and conferences


Applications for Students:


-After school help for students


-Online practice quizzes


-Practice Guides


-Word Wall:  gives main words for all the subjects taught in elementary school


-Bulletin Boards




-Videos:  Different topics and lessons



Brainpop jr.. (2006, February 14). Retrieved from http://www.brainpop.com/



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