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We are doing a presentation on the use of SMART Boards in the classroom. 



What is SMART Board? 

A Smart Board is a interactive whiteboard that can be used to enhance lessons in the classroom. The Smart Board is touch sensitive so teachers are able to touch it as well as students to get them more involved in the learning process. 


What are tools for SMART Board? 

Some tools available to use with the Smart Board are a pop-up key board, floating tools that allow you to highlight, erase, or undo something, a recorder with audio and more. There is also tools such as spotlight, which can bring attention to what you want your class to focus on.  A magnifier and pointer for the Smart Board are also available.  Another great feature for the Smart Board it the ability to capture screen shots and save them to your smart notebook.

Additional Tools:

- Video Player

- Brigit - software that allows you to communicate and collaborate with others.


Applications for teachers:

-SMART Sync Classroom Management - Helps teachers to monitor student activity and to manage other aspects of the classroom more effectively and efficiently.

-SMART Meeting Pro Software - Allows teachers to collaborate digitally.

-SMART Response Interactive Response System - Allows teachers to monitor the progress of their students.

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Applications for students:


Tumblebooks: Talking picture books that are animated and interactive. They have books for everyone and all levels of reading.. There are even books for English as a Second language and Special Education. On the website, you are able to download a free trial.


Tumblebook Library. Web. 12 Sept. 2010. <http://www.tumblebooks.com/library/asp/customer_login.asp?accessdenied=/library/asp/home_tumblebooks.asp>


Arcademic Skill Builders: This website features different games that students can play that will help them with their math skills such as addition and multiplication. This is a really great website for students to practice their math while they have fun playing games. 


Arcademic Skill Builders. Web. 12 Sept. 2010. <http://www.arcademicskillbuilders.com/games/>


Kerpoof Studio: Kerpoof studio is a website where students can go and write their own stories online. It has different story lines they can choose as well as artwork to go with it. At the bottom of the page, they are able to type in their story. Besides making stories, they have places where kids can create videos, they can draw pictures, and spell different words to make them into pictures. There is also a section for Teachers to check out that has lesson plans and classroom ideas. All in all, it's a great site. 


Kerpoof. Web. 10 Sept. 2010. <http://www.kerpoof.com/>


Roy the Zebra: Roy the Singing Zebra is a site that is geared towards any child in early childhood education. It is a site that has many stories about a zebra named Roy. It has more than stories though. It actually has different games you can play that are based on putting words into alphabetical order, there is one for high frequency words, and even some that go over plurals. In addition to all these things, there are also worksheets you can download.


Roy Tale of a Singing Zebra. Web. 10 September 2010. < http://www.roythezebra.com/>


PowerPoint Presentation


Lesson Plan for Smartboard: Parts of Speech


Nouns :ball, bat, toy, boy, girl, Adam, Nancy, Kansas, buildingball, bat, toy, boy, girl, Adam, Nancy, Kansas, building, game, cat, dog, mouse, garage, house, door

Verbs: add, allow, bake, bang, call, chase, drop, fasten, fix, gather, grab, hang, itch, jog, kick, lock, mix, open, reach, scatter, turn, vanish, walk, yawn, zip, zoom

Adverbs: carefully, correctly, eagerly, easily, fast, loudly, patiently, quickly, quietly

Adjectives: adorable, clean, fancy, long, plain, sparkling, yellow, orange, clever, easy, important, shy, angry, clumsy, fierce, jealous, nervous, obnoxious, repulsive, worried, round, scrawny, gigantic, noisy, hissing, bitter, loose, strong, sweet, wet, bumpy, creepy, damaged, warm, empty, heavy

Pronouns: all, anybody, each, both, everybody, little, itself, mine, more, much, my, several, some, she, their, them, they, those



Bonus Directions: For each of these nouns, write a pronoun.

1. Bob - 

2. Carol - 

3. toy - 

4. cat - 

5. dog – 


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Our Power Point Presentation Link





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