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Smart Notebook SB

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What is Smart Notebook? 


Smart Notebook is an interactive, collaborative learing software that provides easy to use applications and lets you add interactivity to lessons through a collection of educational tools and resources.  Smart Notebook is a software program used through the Smart Board for enhancing educational activities.  


This Software allows teachers to assemble different lessons with



 –Internet links





Subjects and Applications in Smart Notebook:





     Smart math- Application for teachers to teach math lessons through differnent strategies and techniques.  




     Life Cycles- Interactive notebook lesson about animal life cycles. Lesson includes mammals, insects, amphibians, and birds. Using "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" students are introduced to the life of insects and even Kermit the Frog helps them learn the frog's life cycle. Also includes videos and songs.



Language Arts

     Hangman- Utilizing a game format, this lesson activity provides spelling practice.



Health and Physical Education

     Koosh ball template-Play this game by having your students throw one or more koosh balls (or other soft object such as a bean bag) at the Smart Board. Each circle is linked to a different page in the notebook.




     Alphabet Hip Hop Handwriting This revised handwriting activity incorporates hip hop and rap with each letter of the alphabet that students practice. It includes a website link and song for each letter.




     Continents- Exploring the 7 Continents through Geography.




     -Mornign Calendar Application that combines basic calendar skills, as well as weather, attendance, patterning, graphing, weather, number words, shape recognition, addition, and place value.



Special needs

     Fundations Letter/Sound Match- Match the letters of the alphabet to their corresponding pictures. All of the pictures match the keyword-letter-sound cards from Fundations.







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