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Presented by Christina Rawlinson and Brittany Wilburn


 What is Skype?


Skype is a software that offers free voice calls, video calls, chat, and files sharing from computer to computer in the privacy of peoples homes and classroom. Using Skype you can even make conference calls with three or more people. Skype now offers calls to landlines and mobile phones world wide (although they do charge per min.).  


Teacher Application:


1.  Teachers can quickly and easily invite guests from all over the world to speak to their students. It can be helpful for both students and colleagues to bring in experts on a topic.


2. Social studies and foreign language teachers could use Skype to connect with classes in foreign countries. This brings a first hand experience from children and people of the actual country studied in class.


3. Language arts teachers could connect with the authors of works they are reading. Children would be able to ask the author questions and get a discussion started about the book.


4. A science teacher could invite a researcher to discuss latest developments in his/her field. The children could even see a experiment done live on video that could not be done in the classroom.


5. It is a good way to have a conference with a parent that is busy and cannot come in to the classroom to have a meeting. 


6. Teachers can also use skype as a form of tutoring their students.


7. Allows teachers to present a performance. Whether your class puts on a play, demonstrates a science experiment, or presents the results of a class project, share the fruits of their works with other classes, parents, or other interested people.


  Application for Students:


1. Some students use skype as a form of language exchanges. Language learners can get conversational practice with native speakers. Students can be paired up with a student who speaks another language who wants to learn more english. Half the conversations can be in english and the other half in the other person's language.


2. Students who cannot make it to class or are sick for long periods of time can still feel like they are attending class by being able to see the lecture live and also ask their teacher questions. 


3. Students can use the video conference setting and have meeting with people from their class without leaving the comfort of their home.



How Do I get started on Skype?




This is skypes official website. It has the downloads that are necessary to use skype and extras you may want to know about skype.



This website is absolutely awesome! It has 50 ways to use skype in the classroom. There is a sections for how to promote education with skype, promoting community, Skype Ideas for Teachers and Parents , and Resources for Getting Started and Using Skype. There are many links on this site that lead to teachers personal sites with their personal ideas.



This site is a discussion forum started for teachers to share ideas with one another. There are suggestions made by teachers and examples of how they used skype in the class. There are also comments on what didn't go so well when using skype.



This website is made especially for people who are learning a new language. You sign up and it helps match you up with someone who wants to learn your language and with someone who speaks the language you need practice with. 



An educational website for teachers. It tells the teacher all about the program and any concerns and troubleshooting that may be needed.









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