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What is Kidspiration?



Created for K-5 learners, Kidspiration uses the proven principles of visual learning to strengthen reading and writing skills, build conceptual understanding in math, and develop thinking skills across the curriculum.


Applications for Teachers:


- Assist in organizing data and information

- Allows for easily planning lessons, units and themes

- Helps in creating easy to read diagrams 

- Defines new topics in an engaging way to appeals to children

- Flow charts for behavior plans for either the classroom or a specific student

- Can record directions in own voice for the students to better understand



Applications for Students:


 - Develops thinking, literacy, and numeracy skills using proven visual learning principles

- Research shows that visual learning is one of the best methods for understanding thinking skills

- Visual learning techniques

- graphical ways of working with ideas and presenting information

- teach students to clarify their thinking and to process, organize, and prioritize new information










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